Small Business of the Year Award


Sponsored by Ipswich City Council

Ipswich is home to 10,638 businesses, the majority of them small business. This award recognises the crucial role small business plays in our local economy and employment and is open to businesses with less than 10 employees. The recipient of this award will demonstrate how they have planned and implemented a strategy to grow their business.

Business & Contact Details

Submission Questions


I / we, the Business Owners / Managers of the above business:

  1. Warrant that the information provided is true and correct
  2. State that the company nominated in this application complies with all Acts, Ordinances, regulations and by-laws, orders, awards, licences, permits, approvals and requirements of organisations having jurisdiction in the place where the business is being carried out.
  3. that to the best of my knowledge, my business is solvent;
  4. that I / we accept the judging process as detailed in this application and accept its decision as final; no correspondence will be entered into and there will be no feedback given on this application.

I agree to the above declaration and terms of entry.(Required)