Fiori Giovanni – The courage to change your mind could change your life


Imagine if, at the tender age of 12, your marriage was arranged for you. Then at 14, you were recruited to fight in the army. Your childhood, your life and your destiny … robbed from you. Your future, like that of so many other girls in your country, was dictated, defined and determined. What would you do?


Fiori Giovanni had the courage to choose not to become another victim of her country’s archaic custom. “Courage” changed her mind, changed her actions and it was courage that changed and saved her life.

At 15, Fiori then made the harrowing decision to flee her war-torn country without friends or family. She crossed 5 continents and 25 countries in search of knowledge, personal growth and wisdom. And she found it. Thanks to some hard work (and courage) she worked her way up through various managerial roles and at the age of 26, she founded her own company. Fiori has decoded her steps towards survival, transformation and success, creating a formula that empowers others to overcome their own problems, putting them on the right path to a positive mindset and resilience.


All it takes is a little courage. And Fiori is just the person to help you find it.

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