Loz Life


Loz Life helps busy people like you get the f*ck unstuck in life by making small changes to everyday habits. We’ve helped:

People lose weight without starving themselves
Busy professionals get in shape without boring workouts
High achievers elevate performance without burning themselves out
Loz Life helps you identify your Handbrake Habits and unlock what’s holding you back.

Handbrake Habits are everyday actions you already take – you can’t survive without them.

But life often gets in the way. And you get stuck in a cycle of bad habits.

Eating – You lose control of your eating habits.
Moving – You sit too much and don’t move enough.
Sleeping – You get crappy sleep and can’t recharge your body.
Hydration – You drink heaps more coffee or soft drinks than water.
Breathing – You have constant shallow breathing and reduced oxygen supply.
We show busy people like you how to eat, move, sleep, hydrate and breathe better. Loz Life programs take a scientific approach to help you get the f*ck unstuck and become unstoppable.

Our mission is to guide busy people like you towards a life filled with happiness, health and vitality.

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