Crossfire Support Services works under the umbrella of the Message of the Cross Ministries International Network, a Christian registered not-for-profit charity organisation based in Ipswich Queensland, operating since 2018. Crossfire Support Services works in communities to help with community development initiatives, primarily through short-term and long- term projects and operates solely on donations, fundraising efforts, and funding grants with a small team of culturally diverse volunteers. Overall, we aim to help people in crisis by meeting their immediate needs where they are at.
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The aim of Crossfire Support Services is to meet basic needs to foster a diverse range of activities to promote sustainable, healthy lifestyles and community well-being of participants, who are in crisis. Delivered by increasing their engagement by way offering discounted household items, Foodbank products and Soup Kitchens; as we do believe, no one should have to go without the essentials, to address health outcomes.

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Shop 3, 7 Bell St, Ipswich Qld 4305

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