PSA aims to help people and organisations who are wanting to have some objective insights to refine, refocus and improve their organisation, culture or individuals.

A military and professional background that spans across project & program management, strategy, risk management, leadership, and change management and operations in both profit, government and not-for-profit sectors. A career of leadership which has been typically in high-stress, highly complex environments. PSA is able to understand all facets of an organisation and quickly adapt to the preferred way of working with the client.

My key capabilities include:

Ability to quickly assess a problem and provide solutions.
Calm under pressure
Adept at working in a team environment and building team cultures
And honest desire to see people and organisations thrive.

PSA provides the following services, in a part time capacity until 2021.

1. Project & Program Advisory and assurance
2. Creation of team cultures focused on continuous improvement and high performance by integrating into the team for a period of time
3. Risk, Strategy, Change Management
4. Implementation of small pieces of work
5. Leadership & management training & individual coaching

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