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NewSky Consulting helps business owners, leaders and managers become better Leaders, and build a business they love, with people who love it too!

Hi, I’m Katrina Johnson, Director of NewSky Consulting. I exist to connect leaders and teams and support Managers, Leaders and Business Owners create places and spaces where they, their people, and business, thrives. I support you and your business in:

– Leadership Dynamics – Leadership confidence and capability through coaching, mentoring and training.
– Team Dynamics – building your team cohesion, performance and culture
– System Dynamics – HR support, coaching and out-sourcing; Governance assistance; NDIS Quality Management System development.

I’m also a big believer in helping business owners, leaders and teams to become braver and bolder, and do better for our community. When you feel like you’re genuinely part of something greater than yourself, you shine, lead with purpose and make the greatest impact on those around you. However, for some people, being a confident and proactive business owner or leader doesn’t always come naturally. You might be great at running your business, but struggle to build and lead a high-performing team. Perhaps you love working in your business, but find implementing the finer details around policies, procedures and processes difficult. And
maybe, just maybe, you don’t know what direction to take next. Do you go left or right? The good news is you don’t need to tackle these frustrations and feelings alone.

Want to make sure we’re a good fit for you? Me too, that’s why I offer a complimentary initial consultation that we can do over coffee, or via Zoom.

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