Here at Limelight Digital, we have built a cracking team of digital marketers, web developers, designers, content and search engine specialists who understand how the internet “thinks” and works, and we know how to capitalise it to get you results.

As a business, for each and every client we deal with, Limelight Digital aims to:

Use our marketing expertise to build a presence for our clients digitally, whilst utilising “up-to-date” and “tried and tested” digital marketing strategies and tactics to increase our clients visibility.

We aim to build for our clients, a meaningful connection with their customers, current and prospective, to ensure no matter where they are in the buying cycle our client can deliver quality interactions that engages and informs our clients customers and ideally producing results.

We do this by offering a full Digital Marketing suite of services including:

– Social Media Marketing Services
– SEO Services
– Content Marketing Services
– Paid Digital Advertising Setup and Management Services
– Website Design and Development
– Marketing Automation Services
– Creative Services ( Graphic Design, Video Creation and Augmented Reality Services)

Whether you have a question about our services, pricing, need us to come and visit your team, or anything else, Our team is always happy to answer your questions.

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1300 312 735
12 Amadeus Circuit, Springfield Lakes QLD, Australia

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