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We are a local franchise, part of an international brand servicing businesses in more than 80 cities around the world.

Beautifully designed by leading florists, Floral Image lifelike flowers are a FUSS FREE floral alternative to suit any interior space. You will SAVE money and the environment when compared to fresh flowers, and we return every month to REFRESH your home or business with a new design.

Our mission is to brighten spaces and put smiles on faces, every day in every way.

Service Benefits Include:
Great Value – Big visual impact, small outlay.
Monthly Refresh – New design every month with FREE DELIVERY
A Sustainable Alternative – Lower your carbon footprint, compared to fresh flowers.
No Contracts – Flexible billing and personalised service.
Water Free – Zero maintenance, no spills.
Allergy Free – Lifelike beauty, no pollens or perfumes.
Mess Free – Always look fresh, no wilting, bugs or flies.

A big visual impact for a small outlay makes our flowers great value.

Contact us to book a FREE trial. Delivered free no strings attached.

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