I run an internationally-focused capital raise consultancy working in the venture capital sector. The primary focus of my consultancy is to help growth companies to raise funds for business development & expansion purposes. Within that context, I also help investors to find suitable investment opportunities that match their own internal guidelines and legal obligations.

Additionally, I help clients with the operational, managerial and financial activities required to implement large scale infrastructure and community development projects.

Helping Clients

My primary focus is to help growth companies expand their business activities. My modus operandi is that I review client companies’ business plans and corporate structures to ensure that both are investment ready and investor friendly. From a practical point of view, I review client companies’ five vital economic health signs: profitability, productivity, cash flow, international competitiveness and shareholder value. Clients seeking investment funds are therefore pre-qualified prior to having their business proposals presented to prospective investors. This is important in establishing client project credibility.

Scope of Operations

Whether a client company follows the normal western conventional accounting and financial standards or the Islamic financial system, I can help. I am knowledgeable about the Islamic financial system from many years spent working in Malaysia.

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