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The BRD Approach:

BRD focuses on growth, leveraging years of business experience, education and a deep understanding of the unique needs of regional business. They offer personalised solutions in SEO, PPC advertising, website design, branding, and comprehensive marketing strategies. Their partnership with Northern Rivers Digital enhances their capability to deliver cost-effective solutions that promote business success in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. BRD values personalised attention, quality service, and a community focus, positioning themselves as trusted partners in digital marketing.

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Values and Mission:

BRD is committed to ethical practices across Digital Marketing in Ipswich with transparency, and integrity, offering ‘handshake’ services prioritising building strong client relationships. They embrace innovation to provide the latest and most effective strategies, ensuring they deliver the best business results. They aim to empower the Ipswich business community for digital success, providing tailored, cost-effective solutions that fuel business growth.


BRD envisions being “The Ethical Marketers” of the era, aiming to empower businesses to create a strong digital footprint. They focus on delivering inventive, transparent, and impactful Marketing Strategies
that build powerful and sustainable brands. Their approach is rooted in ethical practices, accountability, and a commitment to the local community, striving to make a positive and transformative impact on the businesses they support and the communities they inhabit.

In Summary:

Bremer River Digital Marketing positions itself as a transparent, accountable, and locally focused partner for businesses looking to succeed in the digital age. Their approach is characterised by a commitment to ethical practices, personalised service, and innovative solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the Ipswich region and beyond.

So who do we help?

We specialise in the following: Trades, Professional Services, Health and Business to Business (B2B).

And how do we help?

Following core design & marketing principles, we create digital marketing and digital branding strategies encompassing the three stages of strategic planning. 

+ Where are you now?
+ Where do you want to be?
+ How will you get there?

We build Website Design and use tools like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services to push your business up the ranks of Google & Bing, Social Media & Display Ads Services to increase Brand Awareness, SEM/PPC Services to generate leads/conversions and Branding to bring all design elements of your business together and present it to the market in a cohesive way. 

Our Qualifications

Kris Enoch
Bachelor’s Degree Digital Media & Communications
Leah Ryan
Associate Degree Communications Design and Diploma of Business Management.

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