Did you know that every home has up to 47 batteries that keep our lives going, from the remotes that open the garage and car doors to diabetes testing equipment, car battery, mobile phone, kid’s play stations and more? Battery World is dedicated to making sure that you get the right battery every time, with a minimum of fuss.
Battery World stocks batteries for cars, 4WDs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, tractors, jet skis, mobility scooters, MP3 players, game consoles, digital and video cameras, power tools, hearing aids, smoke alarms, cordless and mobile phones.

“We also stock and solar panels, deep cycle batteries and accessories, battery chargers, inverters as well as batteries for just about any household application…but we don’t just sell all of these batteries we also fit them to make sure that its right and when they’re dead we’ll recycle them too!”

That’s not all! Battery World offers a 24 hour roadside assistance by calling 13 17 60. “If your car or truck battery is flat and you need to get going again simply call – 24 hours a day and we will come to you and get you going again.”

We are located at West Ipswich in the QT building – 260 Brisbane Street West Ipswich.

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